Taking Care Of Business

Hi Everyone, I hope this blog entry greets you and yours in the best of health. And by that I mean in body , mind and soul. It has been some time since I last posted so I will try to get you up to snuff with what I’ve been up to. Well, I have been pre-occupied trying to access the necessary information and training to market the books. See I thought once I got over the hurdles of writing the books and publishing them. (And believe me when I say HURDLES.) That some how once I posted the books on the internet that they would sell like hot bread! lol No such luck. It seems that you can very well be in the middle of the ocean with a great product and still die of thirst. Go figure. Nevertheless, it is what it is. So I had to roll up my sleeves yet once again and invest in pathways to get the word out and drive traffic, not only to my website but to sales. This has not been an easy task. You know, I know what you’re thinking. Why don’t you just pay someone to do this? Well I am by nature a hands on person. And that is a pretty big investment. Maybe a bit too big for my pocket at this stage. Nevertheless I am sharing this part of my journey so you know what it entails to be Maya. At this point I just wish that Amazon would stop playing with the price of my first two books so that I don’t have to go in and change the price on my ads each and every day. But enough of the struggle. Now for some great news. I am in the process of creating an email list of subscribers who which to be informed as to any book giveaways or discount specials. If you would like to be included please click on the link below and subscribe. It has been such an honor and real fun just connecting with all the people who show an interest in my work. Kudos to all of you. I am so excited to have you aboard and promise to try to make our journey together as fun and loving as it could ever be. Stay tuned for more on my journey. And don’t forget to subscribe at www.mayaandjello.com

Published by MAYA AND JELLO

Maya and Jello was born and raised on the beautiful island of Trinidad, the sister island of Tobago in the West Indies. She migrated to the United States as a young teenager. Her main objective was to obtain a great education in the hopes of affording a better life for herself, her family, and to be a blessing to those around her. This quest led her to attain a Doctorate in medicine. But she never let go of her passion for writing poetry. Her works have been published in various school publications under various pen names. During medical school she wrote a segment in the College newspaper under the pen name Sparkie. The poems in this collection were written over a span of 30 years. She hopes that you enjoy reading them, as much as she enjoyed writing them for you.

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